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  Is United Micro Systems back in business?  

Is the infamous United Micro Systems back in business under a new name in a new city? The answer is yes according to two guests on consumer advocate Spencer Kobren's Radio Show "The Bald Truth".

One of the guests on a recent show claimed that he was attracted by the sales pitch of Euro Development Corporation in which they purported to be able to add hair to your head by "inducing" new hair into the scalp without surgery. No mention was made of the "Laserstrand Technology" being a simple and standard glue on hair piece. He reportedly paid $2600 and was told the procedure was permanent.

United Micro Systems web page

According to the guest he was impressed by the offices of Euro Development Corporation in Philadelphia, PA. The large and professional location in a medical building convinced him that this was in fact a new technology and he reportedly was placed under some laser type apparatus.

We wish to warn consumers that there is no permanent non-surgical means of attaching additional hair to your head. All non-surgical systems have to be attached to the scalp in some way and the only semi-permanent means for doing it is by gluing it onto the scalp. Any consumers who are told that the technology is not a hair piece or system are being lied to. Dont be impressed by terms like Latest European or laser technology.

United Micro Systems of Vorhees, NJ were accused by New Jersey regulators of charging consumers as much as $8,500 for what was promoted as a "permanent" hair replacement process that involved nothing more than gluing toupees to the clients' scalps.

The State's complaint alleged that UMS repeatedly made false and misleading claims in Internet advertisements and in national magazines about the "Dermal Retention" system in an effort to con balding men and women into spending thousands of dollars on its services. The complaint also alleged UMS charged victims across the country and in Canada anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 to undergo an alleged "permanent" hair replacement process that involved gluing toupees to clients' scalps.

The State's complaint against UMS also alleged that the company:

  • Fraudulently misrepresented that Dermal Retention is permanent and that it would create an individual hair effect;
  • Promised consumers that the hair replacement process would create a natural effect including an undetectable hairline;
  • Used false and misleading before-and-after photographs in its promotional and informational materials to prove to consumers the success of Dermal Retention.
  • Promised consumers that Dermal Retention was backed up by a warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

The State's suit sought to revoke UMS' corporate charter in New Jersey and to have it and the other defendants pay restitution to affected consumers as well as civil penalties. To settle the case the company agreed to pay almost $300,000.

UPDATE: Ex-clients create web site to inform prospective clients of their experience with the company. For more information visit

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