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Hair Cloning/Multiplication
There are several researchers working on ways to clone hair or to take a single hair and make several copies of it. The application of this technique would be used in the form of hair transplantation. Currently existing techniques of transplantation involve taking a fixed amount of donor hair from the back of the person's head and redistributing it to the balding areas. The problem with this technique is that the limited donor hair can never replace the amount of hair that was lost, and results never achieve a substantial amount of density. Hair cloning promises to over come this problem by having hair grown in a laboratory from an individuals hair and then implanted into the scalp. Since the amount of hair is unlimited, results should be able to match the existing density of the rest of the person scalp.

These techniques however are very difficult and many hurdles have not yet been overcome.
The main hurdles are: Is the hair permanent and does it grow and cycle normally? Is it safe or is there any sign of abnormal cellular activity? Does the regenerated hair have the same cosmetic characteristics as the original hair?

These are some of the scientists currently researching hair cloning technology.



Dr Gho
Working in the Netherlands, doctor-researcher Dr Coen Gho has developed a method to 'clone' or multiply hair. He has patented a technique to take hairs, extract some of the hair growing cells, grow them in a laboratory and then inject them into the scalp where they will develop into a hair producing follicles.

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Dr Colin Jahoda
Dr Jahoda and his research team gained worldwide attention in November 1999 by announcing that they had successfully completed the first ever transplant of scalp cells from one person to another and, for the first time ever, grew new hair on a human without the use of drugs.

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Dr Jerry Cooley/Dr James Vogel
Dr. Jerry Cooley is a board certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in Charlotte, North Carolina and has a practice performing hair transplantation surgery. It is believed that Dr Cooley is working with internationally recognized plastic surgeon James Vogel, M.D., on hair cloning technology similar to the research conducted by British biologist, Dr Colin Jahoda.

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Walter Unger, MD
Dr Walter Unger is Toronto-based dermatologist who specializes in hair transplantation. Dr Unger is also a professor at the University of Toronto Medical School where he is currently conducting research on culturing Hair Matrix Cells to produce unlimited amounts of donor hair.

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