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Hair Cloning


Dr Gho discusses hair cloning and hair multiplication in this exclusive video interview Hairlosshelp was privileged to be able to sit down for a one-on-one interview with Dr. Coen Gho while he was in New York on October 18th, 2003.

There has been so much speculation about Dr Gho on the internet which has resulted in a lot of confusion for many people. Hairlosshelp wanted to end all the misleading speculation by giving Dr Gho the opportunity to respond directly to questions and to enable people to see his answers with his own words.

For more info Dr Gho's website is located at
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To start please describe in brief what is hair multiplication and what it follicle transplantation and what's the difference between them? (0:44)
Can hair multiplication grow hair on a person who has been bald for many years? For example, someone like Patrick Stewart who has a shiny head. (0:16)
With hair multiplication are you rejuvenating existing hair follicles or growing new ones? (0:26)
Do you have any idea of the cost of a treatment for a Norwood 5 for example? (0:03)
How long/how many sessions would it take to achieve complete reversal of a Norwood 5’s hair loss. (0:52)
Who are the best responders to Hair Multiplication? (0:40)
Will you get thin or patchy results in some areas of the scalp? (1:58)
Is there a limit to the density you can achieve? (0:27)
Will some people still have to have a transplant in addition to the hair multiplication and can they? (1:10)
Are women candidates too? (0:55)
Can hair multiplication be used to treat any type of hair loss? (0:26)
You have been working on hair multiplication for many years but its still not available yet. What’s the reason for the delay and when can we expect it to be available? (2:50)
Do you expect to have any problems with FDA approval to launch it in the USA? (0:50)
Will you be licensing the technology to others or operating all the clinics yourself? (0:29)
How can people be assured that they will get the same standard at all clinics all over the world? (2:04)
Part 2 coming soon!
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