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Last updated on April 20, 2007

12% Minoxidil 5% Spiro Cream

Avodart 1 pill Clobetasol Topical .05% 15% Minoxidil 5% Spiro Cream

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Last updated on October 19, 2007

I'm 29 years old and started thinning at 19. I got on propecia when I was 21 and had already lost a good amount of hair. I kept losing on propecia for the next few years and switched to avodart when it came out. The regimen I use now has stabilized my hair so far for the past 2-3 years.

I went to Dr. Cole for 2 sessions in 2 years starting in 2004 and received a total of 3,400 grafts. The improvement was there but I wanted my hairline lowered more and temple angle closure. I also wanted my temple points worked on, and Dr. Cole did not want to. I understand he's conservative but I have a high dense donor and a lot of body hair.

I was also never satisfied w/ the look of the grafts from Cole. Some hairs pointed up too high (weird angles) and the look was overall thin. I had 5 grafts per sq cm in my hairline according to Dr. Armani.

In December I went to Dr. Armani and got the hairline and temple point worked I have long wanted. It is now starting to grow in.

Unfortunately for me, all 3 of surgeries involved mostly hairline construction/lowering. This means many many single hair grafts were used. So I never got as many hairs as I could have gotten with this graft count.

I will go back to Dr. Armani perhaps in late 2007 for crown work (an area which has hardly been touched) and to thicken the mid section between the crown and hairline. Zones 2,3 & 4 according to Dr. Armani's scale.

If your new to hair transplants understand that you need LOTS OF GRAFTS if you want to get close to looking like you have a nice head of hair...that is considering you have substantial hairloss.

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