My 38 Year Journey from Connecticut to Vancouver






Bolton, CT, USA


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I'm 55 years old and have been losing my hair since the age of ninteen. From 1979 to 1989, I've had a combination of plugs and micro/mini grafts totaling about 700. During that time, I also received 2 scalp reductions. Trust me, it's been a long road.


On November 19, 2002, I received 2484 FUs from Doctor Jerry Wong of Hasson & Wong.
I'm also beginning Proscar.




I had planned to use this as my "AFTER" picture, but decided that the "Black & White" film might give it away.

Yeah, those were the days. I had all the hair a young man could ever want.

Ten Years Later

I agree, it appears as if I had some rough years after high school.

It's funny though, I can still remember my anxiety over the wind that day. It's as if the person snapping the picture wasn't supposed to notice my hair loss.

Fast Foreward 28 Years

Pre Hasson & Wong:
On the left is my "World View". For those in my inner circle, I was looked upon as a great artist with a can of hairspray.

On the right, is a "Transplant World View".

Left (part) side

Notice the obvious transplanted appearance of my hairline along with the scarring.

Believe it or not, this was "State of the Art" many years ago.

Right Side

This side was really more "pluggy" than this picture illustrates.

What I would like to point to here is the errant plug, about 2 inches below the hairline. It would be, along with one other, removed and relocated.

View From the Top

This pretty much speaks for itself as far as what I attempted to "comb over".

The line in the center is made up of micro/mini grafts that covered over the scar from my last scalp reduction.

November 18, 2002

Here I am, flanked by Futzyhead and Jotronic in Mike's Seattle office, the night before my surgery.

Closeup by Jotronic

This digital image more accurately depicts my hair color and hairline.

For anyone in a quandary about the value of hairspray, I hope that this resolves your questions.

Back Home 2 Days Post Op

It felt good to be home. Sure, I'm tired, but awfully happy.

After 2484 magnificently placed FUs, I look foreward to having my hair back. The following were snapped by my daughter (she's a trooper for the cause).

Left (part) Side

My hairline was lowered significantly.

Also, please notice here, and in the subsequent picture, the perfectly angled "Elvis Temples", courtesy of Dr. Wong.

Right Side

You can clearly see the 2 dots between the hairline and temple. These are the sutured areas where the errant old style plugs were.


You know what they say about "Beauty Being in the Eye of the Beholder". Well, this is my Mona Lisa.

In truth, in spite of my appearance here, there was virtually no discomfort.

Left (part) Side-11 Days Post Op

This, and the following image, represent the extent of the healing over a 9 day period.

The donor staples had been removed the previous day, all 58 of them.

Right Side

Notice if you will, that the sutures where those pesky plugs were, is gone.

Having lived with those plugs for 23 years, it's like having a neighbor with a barking dog finally move.

Final Viewing Before the Growing

There was a lot of area covered, as I have a head measuring Extra Large. Also, being fair skinned, I had more than average post op redness.
"The Journey" Continues