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Name : Harry Balls
Age : 49
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Last updated on October 31, 2007


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Last updated on April 19, 2007

Update, April 2007

Alright, enough of this madness. I am spent, i shot my wad. logging on here has long become monotonous. I am doing all i can to stop what nature has intended for me. For now,i have a reprieve.God only knows for how long.

Use what is proven to work and be done with it. whatever the outcome, the rest is an inside job.

Good luck my friends.

sincerely, HB

long history of slow progressing hairloss. Started at 16 lots of shedding and some loss of desity,was not noticeable to others till late 20s and only if you were looking for it. Developed a mture looking hairline at about 20.
First began fighting hairloss at 24yo with 2% rogain presciption and later with minox/retin-A.
Had decent results but woul go off of it periodically. At 3o my diffuse thining was definitle noticeable to others and started propecia when it became available. Acheived very good results, after ayear my hairlos was no longer noticable to others.
After many years of feelling fatigued and about a year and a half into porpecia treatment, I was diagnosed with hepatitis c. Further testing showed I had some fibrosis of the liver and hadvery high liver enzymes. My liver was more important than my hair so I quit propecia and and lost what i had gained.
I went through interferon therepy and failed treatment twice. 6 months first time then 48 weeks the second. It was rough, has to be experianced to be believed. Made a third attemp with a newer long acting pegylated inferon in combo with riboviron and was successful after 48 weeks. *fewf*
Anyway my health has never been better. Ther is no detecable hepc in my body and all liver functions are normal.
Started 5% minox in november 04 and had some moderate improvement. After reading these forums decided to have a go at Zix earlier this year. It Seemed to help at first,dried out my scalp and cosmetically thickend my hair but started shedding after about a month and it continued for months. Cant say for sure it was from zix , but I believe I may be sensitive to it. My hair turned to shit in a two month period and the zix was irritating the [email protected] out of my scalp. Maybe adding an SOD would help?.I stopped zix for now and restarted fin for the first time in 5 years (August22/05). I hoping to recover what i lost recently and then some. My shedding stopped after quiting Zix btw.
I will share my progress if any with photos.
Good luck, everyone.

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