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  New Minoxidil foam-based product under development  

December 28, 2001 - Connectics Corporation, a publicly held biopharmaceutical company, is currently developing a new hair loss product based on Minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine.

Minoxidil foam product made by ConnecticsThe new Minoxidil product is based on a proprietary foam delivery vehicle manufactured by Connectics that currently has two products on the market using this technology. The two innovative foam-based products on the market are for the treatment of scalp dermatoses: Luxíq, a mid-potency steroid, and OLUX, a super high-potency steroid.

According to Connectics their proprietary foam delivery system has significant treatment, cosmetic and functional advantages over conventional delivery systems. These advantages include improved efficacy due to higher absorption and more localized delivery of the active agent. The unique foam formulation liquefies when applied to the skin, and enables rapid penetration of the active dermatologic agent, thus enhancing efficacy.

Connectics is currently applying this foam technology to create a new Minoxidil foam for treating hair loss. This should offer superior results over the existing Minoxidil products which typically use a Propylene Glycol/ethanol/water vehicle. The more efficient the vehicle, the better the penetration of the drug through the skin and the better the results will be. It is unclear at this time exactly how much better the results will be.

Another product of interest to hair loss sufferers being developed by Connectics is Relaxin. Relaxin is a naturally occurring hormone with several distinct biological activities including vasodilation, angiogenesis, and inhibition of fibrosis. The hormone is thought to be responsible for many cardiovascular changes that occur during pregnancy, including increased blood flow, which is due to an increase in the number of vessels (angiogenesis) and an expansion in the diameter of vessels (dilation). The site-specific angiogenic effects are mediated by local upregulation of bFGF and VEGF by relaxin, and the vasodilatory effects are thought to be mediated by inhibiting the constrictive effects of angiotensin and endothelin.

Relaxin is not being developed for hair loss, but may have some beneficial results when used as part of a hair loss treatment regime. In people with medium to long term hair loss there is usually fibrosis of the follicle and loss of scalp vascularization that limits the full recovery of the follicles when using treatments like Rogaine.

Connectics is focused on developing products for specialty medical markets, which are characterized by diseases that are primarily treated by a concentrated physician base of dermatologists. Connetics' goal is to develop and market innovative pharmaceutical products that may ease suffering of and give new hope for patient groups that are underserved and without treatment for their afflictions.

Connectics also have several other products in development including an antifungal foam for fungal diseases, an antibiotic foam for acne and a retinoid Liquipatch for acne. The company currently employs approximately 152 people, 71 of them in their Palo Alto, California office. Included in this number are 11 employees in their Australian based company, Soltec, and 70 US field based sales employees.

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