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New Consumer Oriented Hair Transplant Organization has been formed

IAHRS - International Alliance of Hair Restoration SurgeonsA brand new Hair Transplant Organization has been formed under the watchful eye of consumer advocate Spencer Kobren.

The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons promises to fill a much needed void in the Hair Transplant Industry.

Hairlosshelp recently sat down with Spencer to find out more about this organization and what it plans to do.


Hairlosshelp: What is the IAHRS?

Spencer Kobren: The international Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is the first and only organization comprised of carefully screened, skilled and ethical hair transplantation surgeons. Membership is not open to all physicians practicing surgical hair restoration. Only those performing follicular unit hair transplantation will even be considered. All physicians listed must be performing true state of the art work and must employ the use of binocular stereomicroscopes to dissect all grafts. Membership allows the most ethical state-of-the-art physicians to band together as the new dominant force in the field, and change the perception of hair transplantation from consumer product to the medical specialty that it is. The IAHRS is leveling the playing field and allowing the hairloss "consumer" or prospective patient to make an educated decision based on the surgeon's merits, not on his/her ability to buy public opinion. I'd like to think of IAHRS as the patient's advocate and the ethical physician's voice.

Hairlosshelp: How does it differ from the ISHRS?

Spencer Kobren: First I'd like to make it clear that the IAHRS is in no way associated with the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons). The IAHRS is a consumer oriented organization providing the prospective hair transplantation patient with a safe place to research and choose a hair transplantation surgeon. From what I understand, the ISHRS is dedicated only to the education of all who wish to practice surgical hair restoration. ISHRS membership is open to all who apply. They appear to have little interest in educating the public but rather are geared to the sharing knowledge and techniques among ISHRS members. Affiliation with the ISHRS does not necessarily ensure the skill or integrity of their members. While there are several members of the ISHRS that are providing a true service to their patients, the level of services provided by ISHRS members varies considerably and there appears to be no consistency.

With that said, I still think that the ISHRS has value, if only to allow the skilled and ethical physicians to share their wealth of knowledge and hopefully convince the not so ethical surgeons to "do the right thing." I also hope that the members of IAHRS will contribute a sense of heart and humanity to this field.

Hairlosshelp: Who is behind it?

Spencer Kobren: Well, the IAHRS was my concept, but it took the collective efforts of many of our members to pull the organization together. Through its relationship with The Bald Truth, the IAHRS and its members will be able to take advantage of the groundwork that has already been laid in all areas of ethics, education, quality, professionalism, research, and patient advocacy. The charter members all agree that we now have the power to effect real change.

Hairlosshelp: Why was it created?

Spencer Kobren: That's simple…there is no organization that exists to protect the interests and rights of the consumer. Patients are at the mercy of unscrupulous physicians with nowhere to turn. It is a completely unregulated industry that has been run by doctors, for the benefit of doctors, for decades. Some of the so-called "leaders" and "pioneers" of this field have some of the worst reputations. The IAHRS was created out of necessity. If this field was regulated to begin with there would be no need for our organization.

Hairlosshelp: How will it affect prospective HT patients?

Spencer Kobren: For the first time, patients looking for help in finding a skilled and ethical hair transplant surgeon have a safe place to begin their search…There will be no confusion, no hype. The IAHRS is in a position to compete with the larger group practices who have been, as I stated earlier, buying the opinions of the public, and the media. The IAHRS was created for the hair loss consumer by a hair loss consumer, and run by the absolute best in the field.

Hairlosshelp: What happens if there is a complaint against one of the doctors?

Spencer Kobren: If a complaint about a physician is filed with the IAHRS, the organization's complaint process effectively weeds out those issues that lack foundation or are outside the jurisdiction of the IAHRS. If evidence is found that suggests misconduct, the physician will have their membership terminated. End of subject…

Dr. Robert Bernstein, one of the resident experts on Hairlosshelp, is one of the doctors from NHI who has been accepted into the new organization.


Hairlosshelp: How many doctors have been accepted?

Spencer Kobren: So far out of 82 applicants we have accepted 19. We still have to review 31, and we have rejected 32 physicians.

Hairlosshelp: Who are the board members?

Spencer Kobren:
The Co-Senior Medical Advisors are Dr Ron Shapiro and Dr Paul Rose. Dr Paul M. Straub is the Chairman of The Board of Ethics, I am the Director of Consumer/Patient Affairs. The members so far are: Dr Robert M. Bernstein, Dr Glenn Charles, Dr James A. Harris, Dr Victor Hassson, Dr Roy Jones, Dr Bradley Limmer, Dr Robert E. McClellan, Dr Bernard P. Nusbaum, Dr William Parsley, Dr William R. Rassman, Dr Martin E. Tessler, Dr Bradley R. Wolf and Dr Jerry Wong.

Hairlosshelp: When does the organization start operating?

Spencer Kobren: We officially began to operate on the first of the year 2002

Hairlosshelp: Will doctors be allowed to be part of both the ISHRS and IAHRS?

Spencer Kobren: Absolutely...Like I stated earlier, The IAHRS is dedicated to the education well- being of the patient…And The ISHRS is an merely internal educational organization. A distinct line is finally being drawn that will separate the good physicians from the "not so good ones"…There are several outstanding surgeons who are members of the ISHRS, now the world will know exactly who those surgeons are.

Hairlosshelp: How can a prospective patient get more information about your organization?

Spencer Kobren: They can visit our web site at

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