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Copper Peptide

Folligen products contain a high concentration of blue-colored copper-peptide complexes designed to improve scalp and hair follicle health and hair vitality

What it is
Folligen is a non-drug product that had its beginning as a skin repair cream that was being tested in the Dermatology Department at the University of California at San Francisco. After 41-year-old woman with severe hair loss tried one of the skin repair creams and regrew her lost hair in two and one-half months, the company decided to offer the product as a hair treatment. Skin Biology, the company responsible for the cream has introduced several new products based on the same Copper peptide technology.

he Folligen products were designed by Dr. Loren Pickart, an inventor with over 150 patents on tissue regeneration and the original founder of Procyte Corp. Folligen's biological effect on hair is similar to other copper-peptide products such as Tricomin which are skin repair products that aid hair growth and scalp health.

How it works
Research on skin and hair follicle renewal indicates that optimal regeneration is obtained only when there are multiple signals for renewal. Folligen contains copper ion plus a mixture of numerous different peptides fragments that are generated by natural proteolytic enzymes (as happens after follicle or scalp damage). This produces numerous copper-peptide complexes in a more natural manner to assist the hair's natural regenerative processes.

Folligen rebuilds the protective acid mantle of the scalp that shampoos and conditioners remove. The acid mantle is the combination of sebum (oils) and perspiration, on the skin's surface that protects the skin and renders the skin less vulnerable to damage and attack by environmental factors such as sun and wind and less prone to dehydration. The mantle also has strong anti-oxidant properties and is itself oxidized to protect the skin from oxidation. Sebum is naturally white but air oxidation turns it black (this is why "whitehead comedos" turn into "blackhead comedos"). Normal skin and scalp pH is somewhat acid and in the range of 4.2. to 5.6. It varies from one part of the body to another and, in general, the pH of a man's skin is lower (more acid) than that of a woman's. The acid mantle inhibits the growth of foreign bacteria and fungi and the skin remains healthier, and has fewer blemishes. Acne, allergies and other skin problems become more severe when the skin become more alkaline. Folligen adjusts the scalp pH into the acid range of optimal scalp health at about pH 5.0.

Folligen also contains high levels of lipids such as squalane, cetyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate and stearic acid that closely resembles the fats of the acid mantle. Furthermore, Folligen contains antioxidants such as allantoin, aloe, vitamin E and retinol to aid the mantles protective anti-oxidant properties. In this manner, Folligen improves scalp health and aids hair growth. Folligen works well with Minoxidil or the Minoxidil and Retinoic Acid combination.

What to expect
Folligen may help on its own but the best results have when used in combination with products like Rogaine. Folligen cream or lotion help soothe irritated scalps and alleviates the itching and burning associated with using harsh alcohol based products like Rogaine. Folligen cream is designed for use on hairlines, a more-liquid Folligen Lotion is used in areas of denser hair. There is also a Folligen Solution Therapy Spray which can be sprayed as a fine mist into the hair. Folligen Spray does however seem to irritate some peoples scalp so if you have a sensitive skin its better to use the cream or lotion rather than the spray.

The skin of the mouse to the left was shaved, then treated in three spots with Folligen. The result is a much more rapid hair growth (the three circular patches of hair) in the three spots treated with Folligen. While human hair growth will not respond nearly as dramatically as in mice, skin health and hair follicle function are closely interrelated. New skin appears to arise from the hair follicle. As a person ages, our hair follicles get smaller, producing thinner hair shafts. The blood circulation system that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle send fewer blood vessels to the hair follicle, thus inhibiting the vital flow of nutrients to the hair follicle. Copper-peptide complexes improve skin health and a more healthy skin increases the blood vessel network to the hair follicles resulting in larger follicles that grow hair faster with thicker hair shafts.

Side effects
Folligen is a natural product so there are no side effects. Some people using the spray do report having an itchy or burning sensation. The cream and lotion are a bright green color so are not suited to be used in the morning. They should be used at night at with some pillow cover as the green color can rub off on pillow cases. Folligen is easily washed off in the morning, but some people with very light blonde hair do report having a greenish tinge on their hair. If you have very light blonde hair you should not use this product.

Best Results
Folligen cream or lotion is best used in combination with product like Rogaine which helps soothe the scalp if its irritated and provides copper nutrients to the follicles. Folligen spray can be used as an alternative to Rogaine for those people not wanting to use a drug treatment.




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