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I finally arrived in Charlotte after a long day of flying around the United States.

After arriving I took a scenic tour of the area. Carolina Dermatology, Dr Cooley's clinic, is located in a Charlotte suburb called Pineville which was was literally two minutes from my hotel room. After some exploring I went back to the hotel for a good nights rest before the next day of surgery.

The following morning I arrived at Carolina Dermatology around 8:30 AM and met Dr. Cooley and his staff. I had first met Dr. Cooley at the Aegean Masters meeting in Greece and he had been very helpful. It was nice to see him again. Dr. Cooley gave me a brief tour of the facility and shortly after the patient arrived right on schedule.

Dr Cooley completed the pre-op work and then moved straight into surgery. The surgery went without a hitch and I did my best to stay out of everyone's way while still getting high quality photos and video of the entire process.

In the operating room everything went like clockwork. This was the second repair procedure for the patient, but Dr. Cooley was unable to combine the first scar since his first surgeon had cut the scar too low. The staff was very comfortable working together and everything was quiet and relaxed throughout the day. We enjoyed watching Forrest Gump on video and the patient quizzed me on how much I knew about some of the hair loss scams on the market. Dr. Cooley used a combination of pre-punching recipient sites and stick and place technique for graft placement and uses 1 or 2 graft placers to assist him during the placement process. Dr. Cooley is in the room for the duration of the procedure from the strip dissection and graft placement.

During one of our breaks I was able to interview Dr. Cooley's graft cutter and administrative assistant Ailene. At the end of the procedure I was able to interview Dr. Cooley about his work with Intercytex and his thoughts on different methods of hair transplant surgery. Dr. Cooley stays at the forefront of technology and is involved with research into Hair Cloning/Multiplication with a company called Intercytex which plans to begin human trials in the summer of 2004.

My entire stay in the Charlotte area was quite enjoyable. The people in this southern state were warm and exceptionally friendly everywhere I went.

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