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Topic Title: Devestated over hair loss
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Created On: 09/02/2014 07:04 PM
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 09/02/2014 07:04 PM
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More than anything, I really need someone to listen and not judge me.

I am 46, clearly into the menopause nightmare, and am losing my hair. I have very long, silver/gray hair, and it is the only thing about me that is attractive. I have always been an unattractive and very masculine looking woman, but at least people would always compliment my hair. My hair has been long since I was old enough to make my own hair choices - I can never see myself with short hair. It is not for me.

At first, I did not notice the problem - I thought maybe I had short hairs in the front because I accidentally ripped off some when they got caught in my sunglasses (it has happened!) but then, I started to look at myself last February and it was obvious that I was developing bald spots in my temples. Now, the hairline is clearly receding and I'm developing "triangles" of lost hair. Not only that, but my hair is clearly falling out from all over my head. I have been saving it in the hopes that someday I have enough money to have it made into a hair piece. And yes, I am fairy certain I have lost enough at this point to make that a reality.

As for causes other than menopause, there has been a lot of stress: I lost my home 8 years ago then a career I treasured two years ago. I was in a car accident that changed my life. Then, a very irresponsible "friend" came to my house and brought bedbugs, knowing she was severely infested, and caused a 5 month nightmare for me that I would rather die than relive. It was absolute hell. My parents are getting so old and it is very hard to watch my dad, who was once a brilliant professor, not be able to remember what he said to me yesterday. So there has been a lot of stress. Combine this with my hormones out of control and my hair loss - I am an emotional wreck.

I went to an acupuncturist last winter when a training clinic ran a special. I was explaining how upset I was about this and she actually laughed. I was so angry and hurt. This isn't funny. There is nothing funny about hair loss. There is nothing remotely amusing about waking up every day and seeing more and more of your scalp. I am not laughing at all. I am crying all of the time. This is my worst nightmare coming true. I have always been terrified of losing my hair. I don't understand how people can be so insensitive: even if it doesn't matter to them, why can't they respect that it matters to you?

I am absolutely devastated to be losing my hair. I feel disgusting, ugly, nasty, and ashamed. I don't want to go out in public. I am ashamed to go to work and I work in a job where I have to "look good". I am close to painting my mirrors black so I don't have to look at my reflection. I'm even closer to shaving it all off and getting a wig. That would be extremely upsetting, but I am beginning to think it would not be as upsetting as watching it all fall out slowly. I have been wig shopping, but no one makes long hair, silver/gray wigs that don't look like a Halloween costume, and I simply don't have money anyhow.

I feel trapped in this nightmare. I can't buy creams, treatments, other stuff, or go to a doctor - there is NO money. I am having a hard time making ends meet as it is and I absolutely need to keep my home. I need to eat and keep the power on. I can't borrow money - I can't pay it back.

I am not looking for sympathy. I just want someone to hear me and not make fun of how much this hurts. I feel so ugly, ashamed, depressed, and alone.

Thanks for listening.
 09/02/2014 07:48 PM
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If you are just now losing hair at 46, there is an excellent chance that treatment will halt if not regrow your hair.

Get on minoxidil foam and spironolactone(order from an online pharmacy without prescription) immediately. Look into pueraria mirifica, maca or even synthetic hormones HRT (climen).

At the same time make a commitment to reducing stress(yoga, exercising, meditation) and eating well(for real). You just might be looking and feeling better than ever in another years time.

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 09/25/2014 06:17 PM
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I will tell you please do not use minoxidil, it will only make matter worst and make you lose your hair even faster. I'm also in menopause, have your ferritin level checked and your vitamin D. Start there first because those things can cause temporary hair loss. Also thyroid can be a major culprit in hair loss especially when you go into menopause and your hormones levels decrease because glands work closely with women's hormones.

Look into natural supplements and vitamins you can take to support your hair. But I would suggest trying to get your iron and vitamin D levels checked first to see how low you are because they could be the culprit behind most of your hair loss. There is also DHT, you can also have those levels checked as well. Once our hormones decreased in menopause, testosterone (in some women) increases and causes genetic hair loss.

The biggest thing is you got to REDUCE the stress as well, that can interfere with your thyroid and adrenal glands and again that can cause hair loss.

When things get better in terms of your finances you can purchase like a little wig topper to hide any hair loss if most of thinning is at the top of your head, crown and temple. I'm wearing one now with a bang and it hide my hairline and temples which are in very, very bad shape right now. I lost 60% of my density using rogaine and now I'm waiting to see if the shedding will stop and I can get some regrowth, but I'm going to let that beat me down and take the joy out of my life. I'm gonna fake it till I make it. LOL. What I'm using looks and feel great and nobody knows it's not my own hair.

MSM 1,500 mg
Topical: Rosemary, Cedarwood Essentials Oils
10,000 Biotin
1,500 Choline & Inositol
Nature's Gate Rosemary Shampoo
Using no chemicals of any kind on scalp
 12/31/2014 05:21 AM
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Dear Elliecats

You are not alone. I know the sadness, depression and obsession with checking that the bald spots are not showing! I wish I had an amazing answer for you. I too am searching for one.

I have been on minoxydil for about 15 years (on and off). What I've noticed is that my hair definitely did grow thicker but as soon as I stopped it, the hair reverted back to its thin state. I recently stopped the minoxydil for six months thinking that it was such a waste of money, and also - my hair looked pretty good, so I thought I was wasting my time - but my hair thinned terribly that I am back on the treatment.

I have seen it work to a certain degree but is there no hope for a fuller head of hair? Can someone please advise? I'm lost. Have tried oil treatments, vitamins, iron tabs, stress tabs, laser treatment is there any light at the end of this long tunnel?

 12/08/2015 03:37 AM
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Don't worry, may be these are common symptoms of menopause, I think you should consult with the doctor and clear your doubts with her, see that you also inform about your menstrual health, so that she can diagnose your problem and give proper treatment, don't get depressed there is always solution to the problem.

Liza Ron Brady

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 02/03/2016 06:59 AM
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Elliecats, is there a chance that we could talk about your experiences related to hair loss? I am an undergraduate student based in London, trying to increase the awareness of the wider public regarding this massive burden women have to carry. I guarantee anonymity and it will not take long. We could arrange a skype session? Cannot wait for your response. Could you please email me your skype details or email to Looking forward to our discussion!
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